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Sol-Speedi-Dry® - Attapulgite based Industrial Absorbents

Sol-Speedi-Dri® attapulgite industrial absorbents help keep floors safer, cleaner and drier by providing superior absorptivity, even under heavy traffic.

When spread onto floor surfaces, this green-flecked, granular absorbent acts as a "thirsty blotter," literally soaking up liquids and holding them for round-the-clock protection.

For added safety, Sol-Speedi-Dri® absorbent is specially processed to be dust-free and slip resistant, even when saturated. It also is noncombustible, making it ideal for blanketing oil and grease fires.

Other applications include:

  • Helping prevent slips and falls on walkways and driveways
  • Inhibiting mildew under plastic swimming and wading pool covers
  • Removing motor oil, grease, fuel and spills from garage and basement floors
  • Increasing water and plant food retention/conditioning potting soil
  • Deodorizing cat and kitty litter boxes
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