ASK Chemicals GmbH is a leading Global producer of innovative binders for paints and coatings. Based in Hilden, 15 km to the east of Dusseldorf, ASK’s expertise began 100 years ago in the blending of natural oils and driers to serve the foundry industry. Building upon this success, ASK developed the highly innovative Necowel range of waterbased alkyd emulsions which can be used in decorative paints, wood treatments and industrial coatings. The Necowel range encompasses products for both air- and forced-drying industrial coatings, open pore wood varnishes in addition to binders for decorative paints.

ASK also manufacture the Donocarbo carbon fibre products which are used in antistatic and conductive coatings such as industrial flooring or clean rooms as an alternative to carbon black or graphite.



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Do any AEROSIL fumed silica grades have NSF H1 approval for food safe lubricants?

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