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Lawrence Industries is a technically driven distributor of speciality chemicals, serving a diverse range of markets across the UK & Ireland. We work in partnership with many of the world’s largest and most innovative chemical manufacturers.

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New article: An introduction to rheological additives for coatings
In our latest article, we explore why rheology is important in coating formulations and the different types of chemistries available to impart thixotropy, anti-sag and anti-settling behaviour.
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Iscaguard VIR antiviral additive
Exciting news! Iscaguard VIR from ISCA has been independently tested in an alcohol-free hand sanitiser and proven to be 99.9% effective against Betacoronavirus - the closest surrogate available to the Wuhan Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.  Visit the Iscaguard VIR product page to learn more. Learn More


New Principal - Oxidos Ferricos
We are pleased to announce that Lawrence Industries is now representing Oxidos Ferricos in the UK and Ireland!  Oxidos Ferricos produce micaceous iron oxide (MIO) for use in Coatings, Plastics and Rubber applications.  Visit the product page to learn more. Learn More

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