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Lawrence Industries offers a wide portfolio of specialty chemicals and additives for the agricultural chemicals markets including products for plant growth as well as formulation tools for herbicides and pesticides.
Our product offers can be used in many formulation types including powders and granules, liquid concentrates, emulsions and suspensions as well as seed treatments and coatings.

Our key product offers for these areas include stabilisers, rheology modifiers, free flow additives and powder carriers, wetting agents, dispersants and defoamers. 

Within our ranges, there is something for all of the formulation types outlined above from some world-class chemical manufacturers. 

To help our customers' formulations be more sustainable we offer a number of products which are either bio-based, biodegradable or both.

Our team of technical sales advisors can help with the selection and use of materials suitable for your chemical formulations.

AEROSIL® arrow

By Evonik

Fumed Silica - Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic


By Evonik

Precipitated Silica

TAFIGEL® arrow

By Münzing Chemie

PU, HASE and Inverse Emulsion Rheology Modifiers

Tonnegel™ arrow

By Clariant

Attapulgite powdered thickening and suspending aid

Valida (Industrial) arrow

By Sappi

Fibrillated Cellulose

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