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Catalysts play an essential role in industry as they have the ability to influence the rate of a chemical reaction. We supply catalysts for many chemical reactions such as esterification, transesterification, polymerization etc.

Catalysts are widely used in many sectors such as the cosmetic industry, petrochemical industry, catalytic converters and ammonia production for fertilizer production. They are used to speed up the rate of chemical reactions by lowering the activation energy which can help save energy, time and cost.


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Fumed Metal Oxides

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Organotitanates - General and Organic Synthesis Catalysis

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A spray coating device
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New Easy-to-Disperse (E2D) AEROSIL® fumed silica grades

Fumed silica is a well-established rheology modifier in coatings, adhesives and sealants due to its thixotropic properties at low additions, however, it can be difficult to wet out and requires energy-intensive mixing to ensure proper dispersion. Evonik's new Easy-to-Disperse (E2D) range addresses these issues.

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