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Construction chemicals is a diverse market place and we split this into five main subgroups.

  • Cementitious Building Products covers all products which use cement as the main binder constituent and will encompass products ranging from tile adhesives and repair grouts to self-levelling floor compounds and pointing mortars. Lawrence Industries has an outstanding portfolio of products for this area ranging from PCE super plasticisers, hydrophobic and powder anti-shrinkage additives to powder defoamers, lightweight additives, special cements and rheology modifiers from market-leading producers like Evonik, 3M, BASF and Münzing Chemie.
  • Resinous Building Products describes products which use either water-based resins as a main binder like thin coat renders, ready mix tile adhesives or lightweight wall fillers or reactive resin chemistry like epoxy and PU to produce chemical anchor grouts, repair mortars or seamless resinous flooring. For this marketplace, we have products like Aerosil fumed silica, TIB Kat PU catalysts, polyester polyols and a comprehensive range of fillers and effect pigments.
  • Renders is a special subsection that straddles both the cementitious building products as well as resinous building products markets and is of particular importance to Lawrence Industries. We supply silicone powders and resins, rheology modifiers, powerful pozzolans, acrylic resins as well as lightweight granulates and air entrainers and fibres.
  • Gypsum is a marketplace which covers products used in the drywall industry and Lawrence Industries supplies materials like lightweight 3M glass bubbles into ready-mix joint cements, rheology modifiers for joint fillers and highly efficient retarders (Retardan) from SIKA plus a plethora of other materials for specialist applications.
  • Concrete - Lawrence Industries supply products used in the manufacture of cement and concrete and also supplies materials for the manufacture of admixtures (defoamers, anti-shrinkage additives and water repellents) as well as Cr (VI) reducing additives based on tin as well as iron.

ACEMATT® arrow

By Evonik

Matting Agents

AEROSIL® arrow

By Evonik

Fumed Silica - Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic


By Evonik

Fumed Metal Oxides

AGITAN® P arrow

By Münzing Chemie

Powder Defoamers

ASP® arrow

By KaMin

Hydrous Kaolin

Attagel® arrow


Attapulgite Rheology Modifier

CERETAN® arrow

By Münzing Chemie

Micronized and Non-Micronized Waxes


By ASK Chemicals

Anti-Static Carbon Fibres

Emerald rCB arrow

By Waverly Carbon

Recovered Carbon Black

Ferroxid® arrow

By Oxidos Ferricos

Micaceous Iron Oxide

Glass Bubbles arrow

By 3M

The lightweight filler

Laicril C arrow

By Laiex

Emulsion polymers for construction applications.

LUBA-print arrow

By Münzing Chemie

Wax Dispersions and Emulsions

MetaMax® arrow

By KaMin

High Reactivity Metakaolin

METOLAT® arrow

By Münzing Chemie

Wetting Agents

METOLAT® P arrow

By Münzing Chemie

Powder Additives

Protective Materials arrow

By 3M

Fluorocarbon-free stain protection

REDOX arrow

By TIB Chemicals

Chromate Reduction Chemicals

Retardan® arrow

By Sika

Powdered Set Retarders for Gypsum

Silsan® Additives arrow

By Graf Chemicals

Water Repellent Polysiloxane Additives

Silsan® Binders arrow

By Graf Chemicals

Silicone Resin Binders

Silsan® Creams arrow

By Graf Chemicals

Hydrophobic Silane and Silicone Creams

Silsan® Powders arrow

By Graf Chemicals

Silicones on a Powder Carrier


By Evonik

Precipitated Silica

TAFIGEL® arrow

By Münzing Chemie

PU, HASE and Inverse Emulsion Rheology Modifiers

TIB KAT® arrow

By TIB Chemicals

Organometallic Catalysts

TREFIL® arrow

By Quarzwerke HPF

Anhydrite flour

Valida (Industrial) arrow

By Sappi

Fibrillated Cellulose

ViscoCrete® arrow

By Sika

Powdered Superplasticizer

ZEOflair® arrow

By Zeochem

Speciality Zeolites

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