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Elastomers cover a diverse range of flexible polymers which include mechanical rubber goods, thermoplastic elastomers, silicones, and fluoroelastomers. Lawrence Industries can assist with additives and fillers to enhance the physicochemical performance of elastomeric compounds, enhance their appearance, as well as reduce their carbon footprint.

For example, we have a range of functional fillers to assist with lightweighting, mechanical reinforcement, gas barrier properties, chemical resistance, and thermal conductivity. We also offer speciality additives including anti-blooming agents, antistatic agents, stabilisers, and a diverse range of special effect pigments. For carbon footprint reduction we offer recovered carbon black, recycled marble flour, devulcanised rubber masterbatches, and an assortment of bio-fillers.

AEROSIL® arrow

By Evonik

Fumed Silica - Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic


By Evonik

Fumed Metal Oxides


By ASK Chemicals

Industrial Resins

Av-PLAT arrow

By Avanzare

Graphene nanoplatelets


By Avanzare

Pre-wetted Graphene nanoplatelets

Boron Nitride arrow

By 3M

Thermally conductive lubricating fillers

Chiguard® arrow

By Chitec Technology Co.

UV Absorbers (UVA) and Light Stabilisers (HALS)


By ASK Chemicals

Anti-Static Carbon Fibres

Ferroxid® arrow

By Oxidos Ferricos

Micaceous Iron Oxide

Galaxy® arrow

By Geotech

Holographic Pigments

Geocrystal® arrow

By Geotech

Iridescent Glitter

Geodiamond® arrow

By Geotech

Borosilicate Glass Pigments

Geoflake® arrow

By Geotech

Glittering mica flakes

Geoglit® arrow

By Geotech

Economical Glitter Grades

Geoglit® SP arrow

By Geotech

Polyester glitter (for plastic)

Geopearl® arrow

By Geotech

Pearlescent Pigments

Geopearl® Crystal arrow

By Geotech

Pearlescent Pigments

Geoshine® arrow

By Geotech

Polyester Glitter (Premium)


By Quarzwerke HPF

Aluminium Hydroxide

Metalloy® arrow

By Geotech

Aluminium Based Pigments


By Evonik

Precipitated Silica

TDP arrow

By Tyromer

Tyre devulcanised rubber

TIB KAT® arrow

By TIB Chemicals

Organometallic Catalysts

TREMICA® arrow

By Quarzwerke HPF

Mica (Muscovite)


By Quarzwerke HPF

Nepheline Syenite

TREMIN® arrow

By Quarzwerke HPF


ZEOflair® arrow

By Zeochem

Speciality Zeolites

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