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Industrial Fluids

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Industrial fluids encompasses a wide range of aqueous and non-aqueous solutions. It includes lubricants & greases, metalworking fluids, and heat transfer fluids. 

Lawrence Industries offers a number of solutions including innovative anti-corrosion additives, solid lubricants,  rheology modifiers & stabilisers, as well as water-based antimicrobial additives.

AEROSIL® arrow

By Evonik

Fumed Silica - Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic

ASCOTRAN® (Anti-corrosion) arrow


Corrosion Inhibitors

ASCOTRAN® (Anti-flash rust) arrow


Anti-flash rust additives

ASP® arrow

By KaMin

Hydrous Kaolin

Boron Nitride arrow

By 3M

Thermally conductive lubricating fillers

Emerald rCB arrow

By Waverly Carbon

Recovered Carbon Black

Tonnegel™ arrow

By Clariant

Attapulgite powdered thickening and suspending aid

Valida (Industrial) arrow

By Sappi

Fibrillated Cellulose

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