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ASK Chemicals GmbH is a leading global producer of innovative binders for paints and coatings. Based in Hilden, 15 km to the east of Dusseldorf, ASK’s expertise began over 100 years ago in blending natural oils and driers to serve the foundry industry. Now they offer a wide range of industrial resins and materials all across the world and continue to build their portfolio to develop trend-setting solutions.

Their research and development centres across four continents allow ASK Chemicals to work closely with customers and offer tailor-made technological solutions. This development ensures quality, cost efficiency, productivity and environmental friendliness. Their commitment to the environment is present throughout their company and production process where they have stringent conditions in place for best sustainability practices.

Their innovative Necowel range of water-based alkyd emulsions is evidence of this. These modified emulsions can be used in decorative paints, wood treatments and industrial coatings. The Necowel range encompasses products for both air- and forced-drying industrial coatings, open-pore wood varnishes in addition to binders for decorative paints.



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