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BASF are a world-leading chemical company that have been active globally since 1865 and active in the UK since 1880. Their product portfolios span usages across nearly all industries which are produced all over the world. With around 111,000 employees and sales of €70 billion, BASF are able to support their customers over a broad range of requirements.

They are committed to sourcing and producing their products sustainably, responsibly and efficiently. In 2020 they were named the first Carbon Literate Organisation in the UK chemical sector and they co-founded the Alliance to End Plastic Wate. The innovative culture at BASF is being put to use to achieve climate protection targets and a more circular economy.

Lawrence Industries are proud to represent BASF for their process catalysts and chemicals used for the adsorption of water and other contaminants from air and liquids. We have been partnered with BASF for many years so are well experienced in their products. Our technical experts are able to assist you in the type of adsorber best suited to your current system as well as advising on the best for energy and cost saving long term.


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Attapulgite Rheology Modifier

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Air gas drying zeolite

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Silica Gel

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