A new face at Lawrence - Jitesh Patel

Blog Archive | 1 minute  | Author: Erin White , BSc.

We have a new face at Lawrence House! Jitesh Patel has joined us as our new Business Development Manager for Cosmetics & Personal Care. He will be looking after all our current Cosmetics and Personal Care accounts as well as developing and growing this area. 

Our new colleague standing in front of Lawrence House in his new Lawrence Industries fleece

Jitesh has a wide background of experience in the area. After graduating from De Montfort University with a degree in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science he has worked as a development chemist and a product development technologist for some of the leading health and beauty brands in the UK. He then switched paths to sales which he is now continuing with us.

As our technical expert on all things personal care and cosmetics, he will be here to answer any formulation questions you have or discuss any of our wide range of products for the industry. To get more of an understanding of some of our key products for this area check out some of our Cosmetics & Personal Care Articles or get in touch with us

Author: Erin White , BSc.

Erin studied at the University of York where she earned a BSc in Chemistry and has just completed a MSc in Atmospheric Chemistry. She has recently joined us and will be covering areas across all markets.