Alternatives to glitter – formulating plastic free cosmetics with Geodiamond®

Blog Archive | 2 minutes  | Author: Kulvinder Kaur , MChem.

The solution to cosmetic pigments, without the use of plastic

Are you looking for alternatives to glitter in your rinse-off cosmetic products? Plastic microbeads were banned in the use of rinse-off cosmetics as of January 2018. This includes exfoliating beads and cosmetic glitters, such as holographic glitter or iridescent glitter. These pigments are often used in products like soaps and bath bombs. Does this affect you? Are you looking for alternatives that meet the new legislation, whilst still giving a high-quality visual effect?

Lawrence Industries have alternatives to plastic cosmetic glitters. These are manufactured by one of the leading European speciality pigment manufacturers, GEOTECH. Geodiamond® pigments are based on borosilicate glass coated with titanium dioxide. This gives extraordinary lustre and reflection. These pigments are available in six different shades: Pearl, Gold, Red, Violet, Blue and Green. Geodiamond® XL has been designed to mimic the effect of glitter, due to the large particle size. This ensures an excellent sparkling effect without the use of plastic! There are also no stability issues that are often found with biodegradable glitter. Geodiamond® pigments are available in five sizes:

  • Geodiamond® XS – 10 to 60 microns
  • Geodiamond® S – 10 to 100 microns
  • Geodiamond® M – 20 to 150 microns
  • Geodiamond® L – 50 to 200 microns
  • Geodiamond® XL – 100 to 500 microns

For the best glittering effects use Geodiamond® M, L and XL. The Geodiamond® L range also has a further two shades available: Fuchsia and Super Red Gold.

Get in touch with Lawrence Industries today, to see how we can help you with your cosmetic formulation. Please call us on 01827 314151, or request a sample directly through our website. One of our experts will be in touch to discuss your project and to make sure that we provide you with the level of assistance that you need. We can offer to colour match your current glitters as well and are here to help with your cosmetic formulation needs.

Author: Kulvinder Kaur , MChem.

Kulvinder studied Chemistry at the University of Leicester, where she obtained a first class degree. She looks after all of the industry sections across England and Wales.