OCCA Webinar - Valida: Natural cellulose as a source of inspiration in waterborne coatings

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Join us next week for an OCCA Webinar on Valida presented by our partners at SAPPI

On Wednesday 2nd April, Gabriel Ferrante from SAPPI, will be presenting an OCCA Webinar introducing Valida. This is a product we have been very excited about. As a 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable material with a huge range of unique benefits, it ticks a lot of boxes. If you want to read a bit about Valida in advance, check out our article here.


Gabriel will specifically be focussing on Valida in waterborne coatings and its unique rheology. The network formed by Valida provides high viscosity at rest as well as high shear thinning making it suitable for many applications. It can also provide reinforcement and therefore improved scrub resistance and extended open times


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Author: Erin White , BSc.

Erin studied at the University of York where she earned a BSc in Chemistry and has just completed a MSc in Atmospheric Chemistry. She has recently joined us and will be covering areas across all markets.