Video - Valida fibrillated cellulose for Coatings

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Valida fibrillated cellulose for enhanced stabilisation, thixotropy and open time

Valida is a unique fibrillated cellulose that forms an extensive 3D network in water via a combination of hydrogen-bonding and mechanical entanglement. Able to stabilise both solid particles and oil droplets in suspension, Valida improves in-can stability, reduces cracking during drying, and adjusts open time in addition to imparting thixotropy. 

Learn more about the benefits of Valida in the below video from SAPPI.



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Author: Danielle Williams , MChem.

Danielle studied chemistry at the University of York, where she earnt her MChem with a focus on Green Chemistry.  As a senior member of the sales team, she is an expert in the field of Coatings and Inks.