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Chitec Technology Co. is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of photoinitiators, UV absorbers and antioxidantsTheir products are used in polymer, coating and ink markets worldwide. Since the inception of the company in 1998, they have established two manufacturing plants and an R&D centre in Taiwan.


Innovation is at the core of their business philosophy - enabling them to offer unique specialities, as well as the well-known industry standards.

Eco-conscious design is applied throughout the production process, from raw material selection to the energy and waste recovery systems employed in their plant. Chitec is working to proactively meet global chemical regulations that our customers require.

Sustainability is the third key value in Chitec's mission statement. They are committed to a fair and safe working environment, reduced energy consumption and reduced pollution - with the aim of becoming carbon and water neutral.

Lawrence Industries are excited to work with Chitec as these factors align to bring our customers sustainable value, both now and into the future.


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