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Company Overview


Evonik are one of the top global speciality chemical companies. Based in Germany, they currently have production facilities in 24 different countries and are active in over one hundred.

Evonik’s product portfolio is incredibly diverse and covers a multitude of different industries. A key facet to Evonik’s continued global success is their Resource Efficiency segment which focusses on supplying high performance speciality chemicals for industrial applications. A large share of this segment is focused on their Silica Business line.

Evonik are market leaders in the production of synthetic amorphous silicas. Their products are sold under the brand names SIPERNAT® (precipitated/specialty silica), AEROSIL® (fumed/pyrogenic silica) and AERODISP® (silica dispersions).

In addition to these, Evonik also have a range of fumed metal oxides called AEROXIDE® which are produced via a similar method to their fumed silica. These materials are well-known worldwide and are used in an extensive range of applications.


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Matting Agents


Fumed Silica & Metal Oxide Dispersions

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Fumed Silica - Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic


Fumed Metal Oxides


Precipitated Silica


Spherical Silica

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