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Company Overview


Geotech is a privately owned, independent company with over 50 years experience in the manufacture of special effect pigments. Based in The Netherlands, Geotech specialise in the production of pearlescent pigments, glitters and aluminium pigments. These special effect pigments are distributed worldwide and are used in the cosmetic, decorative, and plastic and coatings industries.

Their range of mica based pearlescent pigments called Geopearl contains over 100 different products allowing an infinite range of visual effects to be created.

Geotech’s numerous ranges of glitter flakes are used worldwide in the cosmetic, coatings, plastics and toy industries.

Geotech are also renowned for their Midnight Black carbon black pigments and dispersions and are in fact, the market leader for this product range in the cosmetic industry.

Many of Geotech’s products are available as either an industrial grade or cosmetic grade which comply with all major cosmetic regulations in Europe, the United States and Japan.


Galaxy® arrow

Holographic Pigments

Geocrystal® arrow

Iridescent Glitter

Geodiamond® arrow

Borosilicate Glass Pigments

Geoflake® arrow

Glittering mica flakes

Geoglit® arrow

Economical Glitter Grades

Geoglit® SP arrow

Polyester glitter (for plastic)

Geonature® arrow

Biodegradable Glitter

Geopearl® arrow

Pearlescent Pigments

Geopearl® Crystal arrow

Pearlescent Pigments

Geoshine® arrow

Polyester Glitter (Premium)

Geospectra® arrow

Holographic Pigments

Metalloy® arrow

Aluminium Based Pigments

Midnight Black® arrow

Cosmetic Carbon Black

Sunrise® arrow

Cosmetic Mica

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