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Graf & Co GmbH are an innovative producer of silicone chemicals marketed under the Silsan brand name for the coatings and construction industry worldwide. The company was founded over 70 years ago in Dresden but is now located in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps approximately 50 km south of Munich.

Silsan products are used to reduce and eliminate the harmful effects of water and moisture on buildings and other man-made structures. For instance, Silsan silicone resin binders are used in masonry paints for combining exceptional water repellency with high water vapour permeability.

Silsan Impregnating Creams are widely used to combat rising damp whilst Silsan hydrophobic silicone powders are incorporated into cement based renders and grouts to make them water repellent.

Graf & Co GmbH are constantly developing novel Silsan additives to improve the water and stain repellency of commonly used construction materials ranging from façade renders and masonry paints to tile grouts.


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Water Repellent Polysiloxane Additives

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Silicone Resin Binders

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Hydrophobic Silane and Silicone Creams

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Silicones on a Powder Carrier

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