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Company Overview


Based in Bulgaria, the land of a thousand herbs, Innova BM develops and produces innovative active ingredients for the personal care industry based on plant stem cells from in vitro cultures. By imitating nature and exposing the cells to stressors, Innova BM can induce the cells to overproduce specific substances responsible for the plant's desirable cosmetic qualities giving 'super cells' without the need for any gene modification. Their production process promotes sustainability and protects the environment by preserving biodiversity, preventing soil depletion, eliminating waste, introducing green practices.


InnovaStemCells active ingredients are more concentrated, richer, with higher cosmetic potency. The technological approach applied by Innova BM for releasing the active components from the stem cells ensures products with superior efficacy and potency. Instead of using dried and powdered stem cells, or making extracts, we incorporate into InnovaStemCells the whole natural wealth of the living cell, preserving the synergy created by nature. The resulting actives have holistic, multi-functional properties. Their effect on the skin is powerful, versatile and integrated-hydration, protection, treatment.


InnovaBioTech active ingredients combine the magic of the Orpheus flower and InnovaStemCells. The extraordinary properties of Haberlea rhodopensis have been known and cherished by the first civilization on the Balkan Peninsula – the Tracians who used it as a sacred flower in their burial and resurrection rituals. They named it after the legendary Thracian musician and healer Orpheus. Legend has it that Orpheus used the plant to make ambrosia – the drink of the gods that bestows immortality.


Innova BM also offer the service to develop exclusive plant cell lines as a raw material for active ingredients in cosmetics, pharmacy and food supplement industries.


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