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Company Overview


KaMin is a performance mineral producer driving innovation in kaolin, with particularly fine and ultrafine grades.  With over 90 years of experience mining and converting, they are recognised as a world leader and supply into a broad range of industries including construction, agriculture, and health and beauty.

With reserves on two continents, KaMin can produce and distribute worldwide and is supported by a knowledgeable team with extensive technical expertise in these industries.

Although committed to innovating every step of the process from the ground up, KaMin also holds integrity and sustainability as close values. Every part of their innovation process is done with their employees, customers and sustainability in mind.


ASP® arrow

Hydrous Kaolin

Mattex® arrow

Calcined Kaolin

MetaMax® arrow

High Reactivity Metakaolin

Satintone® arrow

Calcined Kaolin

Ultrex® arrow

High opacity and tint strength kaolin

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