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Liquid Nitrogen spilling out of a cryogenic cooler
eye 6 Minute Read

3M Glass Bubbles for Cryogenic Insulation Applications

Liquid forms of elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium are used to reach the extremely cold temperatures required for MRI and superconductor applications. To minimise heat transfer, insulation jackets which contain a material with a low thermal conductivity are put in place. Glass Bubbles can be a really good material for these insulation jackets.

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A hand holding blue plastic masterbatch pellets
eye 9 Minute Read

Additives for Recycled Thermoplastics

Thermoplastics are fantastic engineering materials. They are low cost, lightweight, easy to process and provide excellent durability. It’s no surprise therefore that thermoplastics are omnipresent in our lives, with the average European citizen consuming on average 50 kg per year. High time then to scrutinise thermoplastics from a sustainability standpoint.

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