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Key Facts and Core Principles


Based in the picturesque heart of Umbria, Italy, Medolla Speciality Chemicals has been at the forefront of innovation in the personal care and cosmetics industry for nearly three decades. Founded with the goal of merging scientific expertise with the richness of nature, Medolla is dedicated to producing sustainable and high-quality chemical solutions. Their commitment to environmental stewardship is clear in their emphasis on natural-origin ingredients, sourced from renewable and eco-friendly resources. Starting with emulsifying waxes, Medolla has continually evolved to meet the changing demands of their clients, ensuring each product not only meets but surpasses industry standards.


Special Offerings and Services


Medolla distinguishes itself through its comprehensive approach to product development and client support. They don’t just manufacture; they collaborate, offering extensive technical support that includes formulating, re-formulating, and troubleshooting to effectively meet customer needs. Their advanced R&D laboratory underscores their commitment to innovation, where they engage in a wide range of activities from organic synthesis to guideline formulations. This integrated approach ensures that Medolla’s products are effective and in line with the latest market trends and consumer preferences. Moreover, the company’s strict quality control measures and the ability to conduct sophisticated testing in-house guarantee that every product is reliable and consistent in performance.


Headline Products and Distribution


The Olivatis® series is Medolla’s flagship range, showcasing their expertise in high-performance natural emulsifiers. These emulsifiers are designed for various applications including facial care, body care, sun care, and baby care, demonstrating versatility and efficacy. In particular, Olivatis® 18 is renowned for creating luxurious, stable emulsions that are nourishing and gentle on the skin. As a distributor, we are proud to partner with Medolla Speciality Chemicals to bring these innovative solutions to a broader market. Our partnership is built on a shared vision of delivering sustainable, superior-quality products that cater to the dynamic needs of today’s cosmetic industry, ensuring customers receive the best solutions for their formulation challenges.


Olivatis® 12C arrow

Cosmos Approved W/O Multifunctional Emulsifier

Olivatis® 15C arrow

Ultra-Mild Water-Soluble Surfactant for Sensitive Formulations

Olivatis® 18 arrow

High Performance Natural O/W Emulsifier

Olivatis® 20 arrow

Versatile O/W Emulsifier

Olivatis® 21 arrow

Versatile O/W Emulsifier

Poleryl 10 LA arrow

Natural Solubiliser & Surfactant

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