ASCOTEC® is a leading manufacturer of liquid anti-corrosion additives.

ASCONIUM® offers coating formulators with outstanding anti-corrosion performance. ASCOTRAN® anti-flash rust additives facilitate the protection of metal substrates during application of aqueous coatings, as well as enhancing the protection of metal packaging (tins, aerosols etc.). If you are looking for a rust-converter additive then ASCOTRUST® will be of interest to you.

Metalworking fluids, degreasers, cleaners, hydrostatic testing fluids, temporary metal protection solutions and fluids in long-term contact with metal parts all benefit from the use of ASCOTRAN® anti-corrosion additives. This range of additives can also be used to protect parts exposed to heat-transfer fluids - utilised in the automotive, energy and other industrial sectors.

A strong emphasis is placed on innovation at ASCOTEC®. Unquestionably this has led to the diverse range of high-performance products on offer today. This, together with their customer-centric ethos, has facilitated the rapid expansion of ASCOTEC® over the past 15 years. Many of the product offerings have grown from customised solutions that ASCOTEC® is well positioned to develop in their state-of-the-art laboratory. Our technical experts will be happy to take you through the product offering and suggest the right product for your project.