The Quarzwerke Group are a German based independent family owned company with over 130 years of experience in the extraction, processing and refining of various minerals. These materials are ethically mined from several sites in Germany as well as others in Eastern Europe. The minerals extracted include extremely pure forms of quartz, mica, talc, feldspar and wollastonite in various sizes which are carefully monitored to give tight particle size distribution. Addition of these functional fillers to thermoplastics, thermosets and composites improves the physical and mechanical properties including increased rigidity, increased thermal performance, reducing shrinkage, lowering co-efficient of linear thermal of expansion and improving dimensional stability etc.

Quarzwerke have a team of technicians with the ability to apply functional coatings such as epoxy silanes and amino silanes to these minerals enhancing the performance even further. These include higher temperature deflection, improved scratch resistance and better chemical resistance.