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Powder Defoamers

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Product Overview

The AGITAN® P range of products from Munzing Chemie are powder-based defoamers primarily targeted at dry blend applications in the construction industry for gypsum, mineral and cementitious compounds.


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MÜNZING CHEMIE Powder Additives

MÜNZING CHEMIE offer a wide range of powder additives for use in dry blend construction products.  These include defoamers, wetting & dispersing agents and anti-shrinkage agents. All products are easily miscible with other solids such as sand, cement and gypsum.

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Product Features
  • Blend of organics on an inorganic carrier
  • Defoaming
  • Free-flowing powder
  • Different active contents
Product Benefits
  • Defoaming and controlled air release
  • High efficiency and cost-effective
  • Plasticising effect which increases spreading value
  • Easy to disperse
Typical Applications
  • Cementitous building products: mortars, screeds, joint fillers and levelling compounds
  • Powder coatings
  • Gypsum-based systems
  • Adhesives
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Featured grades with technical datasheets

A brief overview of the key grades with their Technical Datasheets (TDS) is given below.

If you are looking for a Safety Datasheet (SDS), Product Safety Information (PSI) or an alternate grade, then please get in touch or request a sample.

Key Points at a glance:

  • Blend of liquid hydrocarbons and polyglycols on an inorganic carrier
  • Results in low-foaming solutions
  • Recommended for use in dry blends which are dissolved in water before application 
download AGITAN® P800 Technical Datasheet 72 KB

Key Points at a glance:

  • Blend of defoamer components on silica 
  • Results in low-foaming solutions
  • Can show plasticizing effect, thus increasing spreading value within some mortar systems
  • Ideal for jointless flooring
download AGITAN® P841 Technical Datasheet 66 KB

Key Points at a glance:

  • Blend of polyglycols on an inorganic carrier
  • Results in low-foaming solutions
  • High Ash content, approx 60%
download AGITAN® P845 Technical Datasheet 66 KB