Aluminium - Powders and Pastes

Metallic Effect Pigments

The aluminium powders and pastes produced by AVL are of unrivalled purity due to their unique dry milling process. Produced as 'corn flake’ shape pigments with excellent leafing properties, they are ideally suited to the printing industry, where high brightness and good covering power are needed.

The aluminium pigments are available as a powder, or pasted into a wide range of solvents depending on the end user requirements.

Stabilised versions for use in aqueous systems are also available.


    • Powder and pastes available.

    • Aqueous and non-aqueous pastes available. Aqueous products are stabilised against gassing.

    • Wide range of particle sizes.

    • Mineral oil free.


    • Excellent coverage and opacity.

    • High lustre and brilliance.

    • Powder gives wide formulating freedom and pastes offer convenience.

    • Ideal for food packaging inks due to the absence of mineral oil.

Typical Applications

    • Inks (offset litho, flexo, gravure and screen).

    • Wallpaper coatings. Decorative coatings, especially flower dipping.

    • Explosives.

    • Masterbatch and compounding.

    • Anti-seize greases.

    • Lightweight concrete.