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ASCOTRAN® (Anti-flash rust)

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Anti-flash rust additives

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Product Overview

ASCOTRAN® anti-flash-rust inhibitors protect metal substrates from instantaneous corrosion that appears during the application and drying of aqueous coatings. These products offer short-term protection by blocking oxidation at the metal surface. Can and aerosol protection is another major application for these products; working for both aqueous- and solvent-based contents such as coatings, degreasers, adhesives, detergents, maintenance products and more.

These highly efficient products are a great replacement for older nitrite/amine-based anti-flash-rust inhibitors, which can release dangerous nitrosamines and contribute to the water sensitivity of the dry film. ASCOTRAN® is the perfect solution to avoid both of these problems, whilst working at low dosages and being Ecolabel compliant.

Brochures & Technical Literature

ASCOTRAN® Anti Flash-rust and In-can Protection

How to achieve high-performance anti-flash-rusting and in-can corrosion protection with the ASCOTRAN® liquid additives from ASCOTEC.

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Product Features
  • Easy to incorporate liquid anti-flash-rust inhibitors
  • Protects metal substrates when applying aqueous coatings
  • Offers in-can and aerosol protection for long-lasting packaging performance
  • Ecolabel compliant
  • Highly efficient, with a low dosage required
Product Benefits
  • Highly efficient anti-flash-rust inhibitors
  • Free of nitrosamines that can be released from nitrite/amine-based products
  • Improves water resistance of the film, unlike amine-based inhibitors
  • Prolonged paint layer protection through a hydrophobic effect
  • Work with us to develop the perfect solution for your coating or metal packaging
Typical Applications
  • Aqueous coatings: decorative, industrial, rust-converting etc.
  • Aerosol applied products (aqueous and solvent): adhesives, degreasers, coatings etc.
  • Metal can packaged products (aqueous and solvent): detergents, coatings, maintenance products etc.
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Featured grades with technical datasheets

A brief overview of the key grades with their Technical Datasheets (TDS) is given below.

If you are looking for a Safety Datasheet (SDS), Product Safety Information (PSI) or an alternate grade, then please get in touch or request a sample.

Key points at a glance:

  • Liquid anti flash-rust inhibitor for any aqueous coating and corrosion inhibitor for metal packaging
  • Ecolabel compliant up to 1% loading
  • Does not cause water sensitivity of the coating
  • Hydrophobising - protects against severe ambient humidity
  • Food contact approvals
download ASCOTRAN® H10 Technical Datasheet 219 KB

Key points at a glance:

  • Anti-flash-rust inhibitor for aqueous coatings and corrosion inhibitor for metal packaging protection
  • Works well with ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates (aluminium, copper, brass, zinc etc.)
  • Wide compatibility with binders and effective at low dosage rates
download ASCOTRAN® H14 Technical Datasheet 221 KB