Hydrous Kaolin

BASF’s ASP® range of hydrous kaolin is comprised of a range of options for extending titanium dioxide and other pigments in both aqueous and non-aqueous systems. ASP® is a versatile product offering that can be used in coatings, inks, rubber, plastics, adhesives and sealants.

Most grades have a high brightness and there are solutions for high gloss and semi-gloss coatings. Pulverization ensures a narrow particle size distribution with a very fine average. Certain products are pre-treated with dispersants making dispersion easy. Spray dried grades allow easy handling and low dusting.


    • Different particle size grades, morphologies and brightness' available.

    • Pulverized and spray dried forms.

    • Options for aqueous, non-aqueous or both.

    • Grades available with dispersant pre-treatment.

    • Neutral of acidic pH.


    • Efficient extension of titanium dioxide and other colour pigments.

    • High brightness.

    • Gloss or semi-gloss options available due to particle size distribution.

    • Low dusting and easy to handle.

    • Easy to disperse due to narrow particle size distribution and dispersant treatment.

Typical Applications

    • Paints and coatings (aqueous and non-aqueous).

    • Graphic arts.

    • Thermosets (GRP, SMC, BMC, pultrusion).

    • Rubbers.

    • Adhesives and sealants.