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Hydrous Kaolin

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Product Overview


KaMin’s ASP® range of hydrous kaolin is comprised of a range of options for extending titanium dioxide and other pigments in both aqueous and non-aqueous systems. ASP® is a versatile product offering that can be used in coatings, inks, rubber, plastics, adhesives and sealants.

Most grades have high brightness and offer solutions for high gloss and semi-gloss coatings. Pulverization ensures a narrow particle size distribution with a very fine average. Certain products are pre-treated with dispersants making dispersion easy. Spray-dried grades allow easy handling and low dusting.


Brochures & Technical Literature

Kaolin Extenders for Coatings and Inks

A summary of the different applications and industries for Kaolins and a guide on which type and grade to use based on requirements.

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Product Features
  • Different particle size grades, morphologies and brightness'
  • Pulverized and spray-dried forms
  • Options for aqueous, non-aqueous or both
  • Grades available with dispersant pre-treatment
  • Neutral or acidic pH
Product Benefits
  • Efficient extension of titanium dioxide and other colour pigments
  • High brightness
  • Particle size distribution allows for gloss or semi-gloss 
  • Low dusting and easy to handle
  • Easy to disperse due to narrow particle size distribution and dispersant treatment
Typical Applications
  • Paints and coatings (aqueous and non-aqueous)
  • Graphic arts
  • Thermosets (GRP, SMC, BMC, pultrusion)
  • Rubbers
  • Adhesives and sealants
Related Technical Articles

Featured grades with technical datasheets

A brief overview of the key grades with their Technical Datasheets (TDS) is given below.

If you are looking for a Safety Datasheet (SDS), Product Safety Information (PSI) or an alternate grade, then please get in touch or request a sample.

Key points at a glance:

  • Very fine median particle size of 0.4 µm
  • GE Brightness of 90% for pigment and titanium dioxide extension
  • Neutral pH 
  • Suitable for solvent and water-based paints and coatings
  • Particularly excellent optical properties in rubber and plastic compounds
download ASP® 170 Technical Datasheet 123 KB

Key points at a glance:

  • Very fine median particle size of 0.4 µm
  • GE Brightness of 86%
  • Slight acidic pH of 4 
  • Suitable for solvent and water-based primers and topcoats
download ASP® 200 Technical Datasheet 116 KB

Key points at a glance:

  • More course median particle size of 3.5 µm
  • GE Brightness of 80%
  • Slightly acidic pH of 4 
  • Suitable for solvent and water-based primers and glass-reinforced thermoset systems
  • Improves enamel holdout
  • Low oil adsorption for higher loading 
download ASP® 400P Technical Datasheet 119 KB

Key points at a glance:

  • Fine median particle size of 0.6 µm
  • GE Brightness of 85%
  • Highly pulverized for better dispersion
  • Chemically inert
  • Acidic pH of 4 
  • Good extender for use in primers
download ASP® 600 Technical Datasheet 94 KB