Aurora SP

Antimony- and Indium-Doped Tin Oxides

We offer electrically conductive and infrared blocking Antimony Tin Oxide (ATO) and Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) for speciality coatings, inks and laser marking of polymers. These products are commonly used in security applications and high-end flexible electronics. For this reason we ask that you get in touch to find out more about this range of products. Please call us or submit a "request a callback" form.


    • Fine particle size antimony and indium tin oxides. Agglomerate D50 < 10 microns.
    • Blue, white and yellow body colours.

    • Primary crystal size of 5-25 nm.

    • Low powder resistivity (ohm*cm) of 0.2.

    • High level of IR blocking.


    • High transparency in the visible part of the spectrum. Low haze.

    • Outstanding ability to absorb infrared light.

    • Good level of electrical conductivity.

    • High chemical stability.

Typical Applications

    • Colourless antistatic films.

    • Infrared absorbing films.

    • Laser marking additive.

    • Transparent conductive layers.

    • Sputtering targets.

    • Electrochromic devices.

    • High refractive index coatings.