Aurora SR

Daylight Fluorescent Pigments

Lawrence Industries offers a wide range of daylight fluorescent pigments with emissions spanning the visible spectrum. These are high intensity pigments with myriad applications in polymers, coatings, inks and more. If you have a particular requirement then we urge you get to in touch with us today to discuss.


    • Wide range of dayglow pigments with emissions spanning the visible spectrum.

    • Grades with special approvals available e.g. cosmetics.

    • Higher than usual lightfastness products available.

    • Solvent and temperature resistant grades available.

    • Different carrier chemistries available for the pigments.


    • High brightness and intensity pigments.

    • Excellent chemical resistance on certain product lines.

    • Wide formulating latitude possible with high temperature resistant grades e.g. masterbatch and compounding.

Typical Applications

    • Aqueous and non-aqueous coatings and inks.

    • Cosmetics.

    • Plastics - masterbatch and compounding.

    • Textiles.

    • Graphic arts - crayons, pencils etc.

    • Many more applications besides these.