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Antistatic additives

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Product Overview


Plastics are traditionally insulating materials. However, with the demand for antistatic performance increasing, antistatic additives have been put into the spotlight.

At Lawrence Industries we represent AvanSTATIC by Avanzare. These can alter the conductivity in host materials so that static electricity is released in a controlled manner.

AvanSTATIC are based on ionic conductors. These are a form of non-migratory additive hence the resistivity of the substrate does not tend to change over time.


Brochures & Technical Literature

Avanzare Antistatic ESD

An overview brochure of the AvanSTATIC range

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Product Features
  • Colourless and colourable
  • Available with FDA approval
  • Available in powder, liquid or masterbatch
Product Benefits
  • Non-migratory hence resistivity tends to stay constant over time.
  • Minimal effect to host material properties
  • Low dosage required
Typical Applications
  • Themoplastics
  • Thermosets

Featured grades with technical datasheets

A brief overview of the key grades with their Technical Datasheets (TDS) is given below.

If you are looking for a Safety Datasheet (SDS), Product Safety Information (PSI) or an alternate grade, then please get in touch or request a sample.

Key points at a glance;

  • Suitable for ABS, PE, PP
  • Masterbatch form
  • 2 years expected effectivity

Key points at a glance;

  • Suitable for PP, PE, EVA, ABS, PS, HIPS
  • Powder form
  • 4-5 years expected effectivity
download avanSTATIC MPL 24 Technical Datasheet 897 KB

Key points at a glance;

  • Suitable for PP, PE, EVA, ABS, PS, HIPS
  • Masterbatch form
  • 4-5 years expected effectivity
download avanSTATIC MPL 26 Technical Datasheet 941 KB