Avocado Oil

Organic Oil

INCI: Persea Gratissima Oil


Often used in cooking for its utility and nutritional benefits, avocado oil is extracted from the fruit by press to give good heart and cardiovascular health. Due to its moisturising properties it can also be used on the skin either directly or within cosmetic and skincare formulations often in its refined and bleached state.


    • Extracted from the avocado fruit by press.

    • Comparable to olive oil for utility and nutritional value when used in cooking.

    • Available in 'organic' and 'conventional' qualities.


    • High in Oleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid.

    • Good heart health and great effects on cardiovascular health.

    • Moisturizing properties for the skin.

Typical Applications

    • Popular as a cooking oil.

    • Consumed raw for nutritional benefits.

    • Moisturiser for the skin.

    • Within cosmetics and skincare for moisturising effects.

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Avocado Oil - Properties, Benefits and Formulations

Technical brochure examining the properties and benefits of Avocado Oil.

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