Reversible Thermochromic Pigments

ChromaZone® free-flowing powders and aqueous slurries are microencapsulated thermochromic pigments that change colour when heated. They are based on a combination of colour formers (leuco dyes), colour developers and melt materials. ChromaZone® products change from coloured in their cold state, to colourless when heated above the activation temperature - with colour returning once the material has cooled to below the activation temperature.

These materials can be used in a variety of applications such as security and brand protection, novelty promotional products and toys. They are suitable for aqueous, non-aqueous and radiation cured formulations (some excpetions withstanding on solvent choice however). Standard activation temperatures are 15°C (fridge temperature), 31°C (body temperature) and 47°C. These are available in a variety of colours. TMC are also able to customize products to customer requests.


    • Available in a range of activation temperatures between -20°C and +70°C, in a variety of colours.

    • Changes from coloured to colourless on heating.

    • Lightfastness 1-3 (Blue Wool Scale).

    • Particle Size < 7 µm.

    • Bisphenol-A free.

    • Available as either aqueous dispersions or free flowing powders. Suitable for aqueous, non-aqueous and UV curing formulations (some solvents not suitable however).


    • High colour strength possible.

    • Products can be combined to give unique mutli-temperature effects.

    • Good lightfastness under visible light.

    • Colour changes over a relatively narrow temperature range.

Typical Applications

    • Security and brand protection.

    • Anti-counterfeiting.

    • Product labelling and temperature indication.

    • Interactive packaging and promotional materials.

    • Thermochromic masterbatch.

Related brochures & technical literature

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ChromaZone® Brochure

An overview of the products available on the ChromaZone® reversible thermochromic pigment product range, including their features and how to use them.

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