Coloured Quartz

COLORITQUARZ is Quarzwerke's wide range of decorative, quartz-based, aggregates. The grains are coated with a pigmented synthetic resin; a variety of inorganic and organic pigments are available. Excellent lightfastness ensures that the product retains its appearance long after application. Colour consistency is achieved through the unique manufacturing process. Quarzwerke also have the ability to blend various colour grades together to produce a bespoke range to suit customer requirements.


    • Dyed synthetic resin coated quartz grains.

    • Various colour choices and grain sizes available.

    • Mixed systems possible.

    • Uniform grain size distribution.

    • Harmless to aquatic life.


    • Excellent abrasion resistance.

    • Good chemical resistance (colour dependent).

    • High intensity colours.

    • High colour consistency.

    • Easy to mix into resin systems.

Typical Applications

    • Engineered stone - epoxy & PMMA based sinks.

    • Ready-to-use decorative plaster for indoor applications.

    • Resin bound decorative flooring and plaster (stone carpet and vertical binder).

    • Aquariums.

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COLORITQUARZ Product Overview

Learn more about Quarzwerke's quartz sand grains that have been enveloped with a dyed synthetic resin, commonly used in decorative resin bound flooring.

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