Natural Film former and Humectant

Obtained from renewable plant sources (INCI: hydrolysed corn starch), ECØ™ can serve as a natural ingredient in personal care and cosmetic formulations as a result of its ability to form a flexible film. It is often used as a humectant as it reduces transepidermal water loss, thus protecting the skin barrier by an occlusive effect. As a result of the flexible film, it can act as a barrier against UV radiation and prevent chapping of dry skin in cold weather conditions. Additionally, ECØ™ will offer emollient properties and lubrication which will result in a smooth skin feel by filling up the spaces between the skin flakes to enhance skin hydration. Unlike traditional film formers, such as waxes and silicone oils, ECØ™ is non-greasy and non-tacky. In fact, it will offer a very lightweight finish to a formulation and the flexible film ensures water-resistant and transfer-resistant products; increasing longevity.

ECØ™ can be used to replace waxy and greasy materials used in hair care products to lock the hair in place and offer frizz control. Its moisturising properties ensure healthy-looking hair. Unlike greasy waxes, ECØ™ will not pick up any dirt or dust particles from the atmosphere.

The flexible film also ensures that the product will not crumble or flake compared to resins which will form a solid film – an example of this is mascara. As it is water-resistant it will allow for waterproof products to be formulated.

Non-Animal Testing statements can be provided upon request.


    • Natural and flexible film former.

    • Natural humectant.

    • Non-toxic and non-irritating.

    • Green product derived from sustainable feedstocks.


    • Its ability to form a flexible film means that ECØ™ can be used as a natural alternative to waxes and silicones in formulations, whilst being non-tacky and non-greasy.

    • ECØ™ ensures transfer-resistant products.

    • Reduces TEWL, protecting the skin barrier and moisturising the skin.

Typical Applications

    • Skin care – moisturisers, body lotion and sunscreens.

    • Hair care – masks, shampoo and conditioner.

    • Cosmetics – foundation, mascara, primer and lip balms.

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