Emcor® 66

Attapulgite Friction Modifier

Emcor® 66 friction modifier is a finely ground attapulgite which exhibits excellent reinforcing properties. Emcor® 66 is primarily used as an additive to a variety of friction compounds. Its ultra-short fiber contributes strength and toughness due to many overlapping and interconnected particles. This increases the reinforcing and frictional benefits of a performance friction surface, such as automotive and motorcycle brake pads, transmission clutch surfaces, railroad brake pads and shoes, and other similar products. Because of the unique nature of the short attapulgite fibers, Emcor® 66 has succesfully replaced asbestos fiber in some applications, while reducing environmental and safety concerns.



    • Finely ground attapulgite fibers.

    • Short whiskers with high aspect ratio.

    • High thermal stability.

    • Density reduction of semi-metallic friction parts.


    • Offers excellent reinforcing properties in friction compounds. Improves strength and toughness.

    • No evinronmental or safety concerns such as with asbestos.

    • Major cost reductions possible compared to the use of steel wool.

    • Increased formulation strength.

    • Noise reduction.

Typical Applications

    • Brake disks.

    • Brake drums.

    • Semi-metallic friction parts.

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