Exopur P

Polyurethane Dispersions

EOC's Exopur P range of high-performance polyurethane dispersions (PUD's) offer the formulator a number of benefits. High elongation values combined with toughness are hallmarks of these products. Outstanding abrasion, chemical and UV resistance are also generic features of these grades. Typically applications are in highly demanding coatings and adhesives.

EOC produce NMP & NEP free PUD's with no co-solvent, making them VOC-free as well.


    • Polyurethane dispersions (PUD's). NMP and NEP free grades.

    • VOC-free grades available.

    • A varied combination of final film mechanical properties possible (Tensile, elongation etc.).

    • Generally low viscosity products.

    • pH ranges from 7-9.5.


    • Highly abrasion resistant. High elongation and toughness possible.

    • Excellent UV stability.

    • High gloss.

    • Very good chemical resistance.

    • Soft feel effects are possible. See our range of DECOSOFT® beads to use with these binders.

Typical Applications

    • Floor coatings.

    • Wood, plastic and metal coatings.

    • Roof coatings.

    • Furniture coatings.

    • Textile applications.

    • Haptic coatings.

Related brochures & technical literature

You will find some of the key product brochures available for download below. There are more brochures available upon request. If you would like to discuss your enquiry further then please get in contact by phone or by filling in the "Request a Callback" form at the top of the page. Someone from the technical sales team will then call you within 24 hours, to discuss your project further.

EOC Emulsions Overview Brochure

The overview brochure from EOC showcasing their core range of products. This is always a good starting point for selecting the grade with the right combination of physical characteristics.

EOC Emulsions Overview Brochure Brochure /




High Performance Polyurethane Dispersions

EOC have a range of high performance PUD's with excellent hydrolysis resistance, good embossing properties, very high elongation, excellent light and heat resistance, as well as low VOC options. This short overview highlights three such products.

High Performance Polyurethane Dispersions Brochure /




VOC-free Polyurethane Dispersions - EP 3107 & EP 3117

VOC-free emulsions are quite topical at the moment with the move of more products to aqueous formulations and strict environmental compliances. This presentation looks at two of EOC's high performance PUD's that are VOC-free.

VOC-free Polyurethane Dispersions - EP 3107 & EP 3117 Presentation /