Iridescent Glitter

Geocrystal® is a range of brilliantly coloured iridescent glitters cut from polyester film. This unique glitter is capable of refracting light in a rainbow of colours. Due to the transparency of Geocrystal®, this glitter provides different effects depending on the background colour that it is placed over, resulting in a huge combination of possible optical effects. GEOTECH offers 20 different types of iridescent glitter and the particle sizes range from 50 microns - 3 mm. These products are heat resistant up to around 80°C. A special solvent resistant grade (Geocrystal® SR) is available for nail polishes and non-aqueous coating systems.

Geocrystal® is commonly used in the cosmetic industry as a colour flake. These pigments go into products such as nail polish, pressed powders, lipsticks and gel based formulations. Compliance with cosmetic regulations is valid in the UK and IE. Applications are far reaching however and don't just include cosmetics. Geocrystal® has also been used in the toy industry for example, to provide that eye catching sparkle. Other application areas include screen printing, PVC flooring, wall papers and all manner of decorative coatings.


    • Polyester glitter with iridescent effects. 20 different coloured grades available.

    • Particle sizes available from 50 microns - 3 mm.

    • Base layer consists of over 100 thin layers of transparent polyester film.

    • Temperature resistant up to 80°C.

    • Complies with all major cosmetic and toy safety regulations.


    • Special solvent resistant grade available for nail polishes and solvent based coatings (Geocrystal® SR); suitable for many different formulations.

    • Colours change depending on the underlying material; a wide range of optical effects possible.

    • Eye catching sparkle effect.

Typical Applications

    • Cosmetics: nail polish, pressed powders, lipsticks, gel based formualtions.

    • Decorative coatings: aqueous and non-aqueous.

    • Children's toys.

    • PVC flooring.

    • Wall paper.

    • Screen printing.

Related brochures & technical literature

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Geocrystal® - Cosmetic Iridescent Glitter

Colour card for Geocrystal® - cosmetic iridescent glitter. Please note that this is a scanned copy and pigment appearance is different when viewed in person.

Geocrystal® - Cosmetic Irridescent Glitter Brochure /