Holographic Glitter

Geospectra® holographic glitter is amongst the finest on the market. The base polyester film is embossed prior to metallizing, providing a unique multi-colour appearance. From a composition point of view, Geospectra® glitter is similar to Geoshine® polyester glitter. Geospectra® Silver provides a holographic effect without the presence of any other colour pigment. Geospectra® reflects a whole rainbow of colours.

Geospectra® glitter is used in a wide variety of products such as colour cosmetics and coatings. In coating systems Geospectra® glitter is used for sensational designs for motor scooters, cars and even airplanes.

The Geospectra® range is available in 10 colours. Each colour is available in 12 particle sizes ranging from 50 microns (0.002 inch) up to 3 mm (0.125 inch). Geospectra® products are light fast, resistant to water and solvents, non-toxic and heat stable up to a temperature of 180°C.

For cosmetic applications the Geospectra® C range is recommended. This range is in compliance with cosmetic regulations in the UK and IE.


    • Precision cut polyester particles. Embossed to produce a unique, holohgraphic, multi-colour appearance.

    • 10 colours available in 12 particle sizes, ranging from 50 microns up to 3 mm.

    • Geospectra® Silver provides a holographic effect without the addition of any colour pigments.

    • Geospectra® C has cosmetic approvals for use in the UK and IE.

    • Light fast, non-toxic and resistant to water and solvents. Temperature resistant up to 180°C.


    • High brilliance.

    • Fabulous reflection and eye-catching effects.

    • Suitable for use in a wide variety of formulation types, even outside.

Typical Applications

    • Cosemtics.

    • Coatings.

    • Plastics.

    • Inks.

    • Flooring.

    • Textiles.

    • Decoration.

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Geospectra® Holographic Glitter

Colour card for Geospectra® holographic glitter. Please note that this is a scanned copy and pigment appearance is different when viewed in person.

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Glitter Sizes & Shapes

Selection card for glitter sizes & shapes.. Please note that this is a scanned copy and pigment appearance is different when viewed in person.

Glitter Sizes & Shapes Brochure /