Engineered Kaolin

Mattex® engineered kaolin is a fine particle-size kaolin with high brightness. It is easy to disperse and gives a low sheen with high opacity. It is thus commonly used for interior and exterior architectural coatings where matting is required. 

Mattex® PRO gives similar benefits to Mattex® but offers a very high level of scrub resistance as well, perfect for busy areas that endure frequent abrasion. 

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    • Calcined aluminium silicate powder (kaolin).

    • GE brightness of 88.5% (Mattex® PRO) and 90% (Mattex®).

    • Median particle size of 2.7 µm (Mattex® PRO) and 1.3 µm (Mattex®).

    • Highly pulverized powder.

    • Mattex® PRO has a Mohs hardness of 5-6.


    • Efficient reduction of sheen to provide a matting effect at all angles.

    • Mattex® PRO offers excellent levels of scrub resistance. Can be used in low Tg polymers and improve both scrub and burnish resistance.

    • Both grades have excellent hiding power and tint strength.

    • Mattex® PRO is ideal for paints that require good touch-up properties without the use of traditional flatting agents.

Typical Applications

    • Matt aqueous paints, both interior and exterior.

    • Matt non-aqueous paints, both interior and exterior. 

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