High Reactivity Metakaolin

MetaMax® enhances the strength, durability, workability and appearance of Portland cement based products and concrete. It is high-reactivity metakaolin (HRM) pozzolan produced by thermal activation of high purity kaolin clay within a specific temperature range. Metamax® is a high purity white mineral admixture that meets or exceeds all of the specifications of ASTM C-618 Class N pozzolans. MetaMax® reacts with free lime produced during hydration of cement and produces additional cementitious material. Unlike other pozzolanic materials such as silica fume, fly ash and blast-furnace slag, MetaMax® is not a by-product but is manufactured to exact specifications in order to maintain high whiteness, high reactivity, ultrafine particle size distribution and consistency.

This product also improves the colouration of the cement as well as improving the workability of the wet mix, by giving a creamier paste - resulting in higher quality finishes with less surface defects. MetaMax® is an excellent replacement for silica fume, where performance is improved due to less stickiness in the paste and purer colour.


    • High reactivity metakaolin, pozzolanic.

    • Bright white appearance.

    • Manufactured to precise specification, designed to exceed requirements of Class N pozzolans (ASTM C-618).

    • Ultrafine particle size distribution.


    • Improves overall concrete quality. Reduces porosity making concrete stronger and denser.

    • Reduces efflorescence, alkali-silica reactions and corrosion.

    • Improves cohesion and is less likely to bleed vs. normal concrete.

    • Can be placed finished and cured in the same way as normal concrete.

    • More workable texture improves trowelling, making is easier to spread and finish.

    • Consistent quality batch-to-batch.

    • Lower water demand than silica fume.

Typical Applications

    • Architectual concrete.

    • Cast-in-place and precast concrete.

    • High performance concrete.

    • Plater and stucco.

    • Grouts and mortars.

    • Spray applied concrete.

    • Pavers

    • Oil well cements.

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