Attapulgite Based Filtration

Micro-sorb® thermally activated attapulgite adsorbents are versatile solutions for the removal of impurities from oils and fuels. Grades are available in both granular and powder form. They have a few other uses such as flow aids and carriers for agrochemicals. Read on to find out more or call our technical sales team who will be happy to help with your enquiry.


    • Thermally activated attapulgite mineral.

    • Available in granular and powder form.

    • Low Volatile Matter (LVM) and Relative Voltaile Matter (RVM) grades.

    • Differing levels of particle strength.

    • Various particle sizes available.


    • High affinity for polar impurities, typically from oil.

    • Versatile - suitable for a wide range of sorbent and filtration applications.

    • LVM grades offer a high level of particle strength.

    • RVM grades offer an exceptional level of adsorption capacity.

Typical Applications

    • Filtration aid in a wide variety of oils. Used to decolorize and deodorize.

    • Carrier for pesticides.

    • Remove and filter contaminants from a variety of fuels.

    • Flow aids and anticaking.