Carbon Black (Cosmetic)

Midnightblack®, D&C Black 2, is an exclusive, high purity carbon black pigment prepared by an oil furnace process. This carbon black pigment allows formulators to create a deep blue-black shade which is second to none. Mascara's, eyeliners and nail polish are the most common applications for this intense black pigment.

In the plastic industry Midnightblack® is often used in masterbatch in order to create deep black colours with approval for food contact. This makes the pigment ideal for food packaging.

Besides in powder form, GEOTECH also offers "ready to use" Midnightblack® dispersions to help customers enhancing the full colour tone of the pigment. The dispersions are also more convenient to handle in production.


    • Based on D&C Black 2, a highly purity form of carbon black.

    • Available in powdered form and ‘ready to use’ dispersions.

    • Large surface area leading to increased viscosity in formulations.

    • FDA certified and complies with cosmetic regulations in the UK an IE.


    • Provides a deeper shade of black than any iron oxide pigments.

    • The increased viscosity effects reduce the need for thickeners.

    • Loading can be reduced by a factor of 2.5 - 4 in comparison to typical iron oxide pigments.

    • Easy to use products available in dispersion form. Custom dispersions are possible for MOQ of 250 kg.

Typical Applications

    • Eye liners.

    • Mascaras.

    • Nail polish.

    • Food packaging.

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Midnightblack® - Carbon Black Pigments & Dispersions

Information card for Midnightblack® - carbon black pigments & dispersions.

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