Pharmaceutical Grade Attapulgite

BASF Pharmasorb® is a highly refined, pulverized, activated attapulgite clay designed for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. It is produced under cGMP guidelines and is certified to meet the British Pharmacopeia (BP). Primary applications are as an absorbent in antidiarrheal medicine and as a binder to aid in pelleting or tableting.


    • Highly refined, pulzerized activated attapulgite clay.

    • Produced under cGMP guidelines and certified to meet the British Pharmacopeia (BP).

    • Average particle size of 9 microns.


    • High sorptivity of oils and water.

    • Imparts thixotropic thickening in liquids.

    • Provides excellent tableting properties.

    • Beneficial in antidiarrheal medication due to the high sorptivity of toxins.

    • Good anti-settling properties.

Typical Applications

    • Antidiarrheal mediction additive for the adsorption of toxins.

    • Pelletizing and tableting aid used in the production of pharmaceuticals.

    • Cosmetics - deodorant powders, creams, bath powders, baby powders, medicated skin lotions, face powders and rouge.