Calcined Kaolin

Satintone® calcined kaolin powders are industry standard extending agents for titanium dioxide in coatings, inks and polymers. Cost reduction is achievable through judicious use of these products whilst properties like whiteness, brightness, hiding power, matting and scrub resistance can be maintained or even improved.

This product range is widely used in the wire & cable industry for acid scavenging in PVC compounds and more generally for improving electrical insulation under both wet and dry conditions.


    • Calcined aluminosilicate (kaolin) powders.

    • Different particle size distributions available with differing oil absorptions.

    • Various degrees of dehydoxylation depending on the grade.

    • A range of brightness, hiding power and whiteness properties.

    • Grades have undergone high level of pulverization.


    • Excellent opacity and hiding power. Good tint strength.

    • Softer and easier to incorporate/stabilise than titanium dioxide.

    • Excellent choice for gloss reduction in decorative coatings.

    • Acid scavenging in PVC wire and cable. Improvement of volume resistivity under wet and dry conditions.

    • Scrub and burnish resistance in wall paints.

Typical Applications

    • Decorative coatings and inks.

    • PVC wire and cable insulation compound.

    • Polyolefin wire and cable insulation compound.

    • Polishing agent.

    • Polymer masterbatch and compound.