UV Fluorescent Security Pigments

SpectraSystems manufacture a range of organic and inorganic security pigments that are excited by both short and long wave UV light (as well as special dual excitation/emission products). Emissions span the range of visible colours and are generally intense and lightfast. Due to the nature of these products we ask that you get in touch with our technical sales team to find out more.


    • Organic, inorganic and hybrid powders.

    • Emission in the visible portion of the spectum following stimulation with either long- or short- wave UV.

    • Complete range of visible emission colours.

    • Gasochromic grades available.

    • A range of particle sizes, lightfastness, body colour and solubilities possible.


    • High lightfastness options available.

    • Achieve any desired optical effect within the visible spectrum.

    • Different price points to suit a variety of applications.

    • High intensity emissions for strong, clear, colours.

    • Find grades that have the right solubility characteristics for your system. We also specialise in dispersants (see EDAPLAN® and METOLAT®).

Typical Applications

    • Security documents: currency, certificates, identification.

    • Brand protection. Detect counterfeits coming into the supply chain.

    • Leak detection systems.