Surface Functionalised Kaolin

Translink® kaolins from BASF are surface-treated with organosilanes to facilitate cross-linking with polymer systems. Translink® 37 has a vinyl surface functionality which enables it to cross-link into EPDM rubber. This enhances long term wet electrical properties, surface finish, tree resistance, mechanical propeties and procesing in wire & cable applications.

Amine functional grades are also available on request for use in polyamides, epoxies, polyurethanes and various other TPE's/TPO's.


    • Organosilane treated kaolins. Vinylsilane and aminosilane treated grades available.

    • Fine particle size with high brightness.

    • Calcined to remove hydroxyl groups.

    • Highly pulverized.

    • Low residue.


    • Easy incorporation and improved processing.

    • Excellent tree resistance in EPDM cable insulation.

    • Improved physical properties: tensile, tear and elongation.

    • Improved surface smoothness.

    • Excellent long term wet electrical resistance in EPDM cable insulation.

Typical Applications

    • Power cables and other insulating rubbers.

    • Polyester gel coats.

    • Phenolics.

    • Pharmaceutical rubbers.

    • Epoxies, polyurethanes and polyamides (Translink® 445)