Adhesion Promoters for Low Energy Substrates

TRAPYLEN® are primer and adhesion promoter systems for the coating, bonding, printing and laminating of polyolefin-based plastics. Bonding other substrates is also possible but please speak with our technical sales team to learn more.

These products are based on chlorinated polyolefin adhesion promoter chemistry and various other side-chain modified polyolefin species (both chlorine-based and chlorine-free).

Depending on the application, TRAPYLEN® are ready-to-use primers or additives used to increase adhesion strength.


    • Chlorinated and chlorine-free polyolefin adhesion promoters.

    • Available as solids and dispersions (aqueous, non-aqueous and UV monomer).

    • Used as primers or adhesion promoter additives.


    • Exceptional adhesion strength onto polypropylene substrates. Very good for others like polyethylene and aluminium.

    • Easy to incorporate as the materials are available in a form to suit you.

    • Effective at relatively low loadings (3-10% in formulation).

    • Primers work at very thin coats (3-5 microns wet).

    • Designed to be compatible with other components in your formulation.

Typical Applications

    • Hot foil stamping.

    • Primerless coating for polypropylene.

    • Printing inks going onto plastic substrates.

    • TPO foils.

    • Aluminium-PP blister packets.

    • Aerosols for automotive repair products.