Highest opacity and tint strength kaolin

Ultrex® kaolin has the highest opacity and tint strength of the BASF kaolin range. A blue undertone ensures cleaner pastel colours and whiter whites. These ultrafine, high brightness, kaolins are excellent choices for titanium dioxide extension and offer the formulator the potential for significant cost savings. 

Typical applications are decorative coatings (eggshell, satin and matt), inks and polymers. Read on for more information and get in touch with our technical sales team now to discuss this product range in greater detail.


    • Highest opacity kaolin.

    • Highest tint strength. High whiteness with blue undertone.

    • High brightness: 93% (Ultrex® HP) and 96% (Ultrex® 96) GE.

    • Ultra fine particle size.

    • Highly pulverized.


    • Easy to incorporate due to pulverization process.

    • Excellent potential for titanium dioxide extension with associated cost savings.

    • Wide formulation latitude - eggshell, satin and matt.

    • Blue undertone gives cleaner pastel shades and whiter whites.

Typical Applications

    • Aqueous and non-aqueous paints (architectural, decorative, roof etc.).

    • Plastics and rubber - can also reinforce.

    • Gravure and screen inks.

    • PVC pipes.